Are you getting the desired results from your commercial lighting programs? I understand utility programs from both a trade ally perspective and a utility perspective. Additionally, I understand lighting technology and how it should best be applied. Long-term energy savings need correct lighting implementation and customer satisfaction. The occupants and users of the space, in particular, must be happy with the installed lighting in order for the program to succeed over time. I will work with utilities to design innovative programs that balance the interests and perspective from all viewpoints and from all stakeholders.

My in-depth knowledge about lighting, lighting controls, and smart lighting technology is available for quick consultation, or to assist with projects. Let me be your on-call subject matter expert.

My experience working for and working with trade allies will help you gather the highest level of participation, and refine your utility programs.

For both internal and external audiences, such as trade allies, end-use customers, customer service personnel, tech support, or any industry employee or representative group, I will develop and deliver a lighting education workshop or class series. I can incorporate your existing material, or generate custom training visuals and handouts for you.