Project Description

A company had installed new energy-efficient vapor tight linear fluorescent fixtures to replace existing HID lighting.

After installation, lifeguards reported glare on the surface of pool which impaired ability to see bottom of pool.

GOAL: Identify solution to eliminate pool surface light reflection without replacing fixtures.


  • Met with YMCA facility manager and organization’s district managers.
  • Took light level measurements and photos.
  • Researched light science, and theorized that light with high wave length might have better ability to permeate water surface.
  • Recommended change from 5000 Kelvin lamps to 3500 Kelvin lamps.
  • Developed two additional solutions:
    • Had opaque metal bands fabricated that could block light emitted from sides of lens.
    • Had grid baffles fabricated that could direct light downward.
  • Kelvin change was implemented and solved the problem. Additional alterations weren’t necessary.

YMCA was pleased with the outcome, especially since the solution was cost-effective.