Project Description

(Photo of gym is before upgrades, with HID lighting, and shows significant deficits of light levels, below district and state requirements.)

Asked by Seattle Public Schools to audit the interior lighting of several schools, including Catharine Blaine K-8, and generate a report for possible lighting improvement options.

GOAL: Identify cost-effective lighting upgrades, primarily for optimized light levels, but also for decreased maintenance.


  • Reviewed district and state light level requirements.
  • Created photometric models of school interior space examples, including classroom, cafeteria, library, office, hallway, restroom, and gym.
  • Experimented, via software models using AGi32, with over a dozen possible fixture types and varying layouts and placements. (Ideally, placement would not change, in order to decrease installation costs.)
  • Identified three to four viable options for each type of space.
  • Provided the school district with:
    • List of new LED fixtures for replacement using existing positions.
    • Documentation of light predictions from modeling software.
    • Drawings of each type of space.
    • Spec sheets for recommended products.
    • Summary table showing predicted results.