For both internal and external audiences, such as sales staff, customer service personnel, tech support, or any industry employee or representative group, I will develop and deliver a lighting education workshop or class series. I can incorporate your existing material, or generate custom training visuals and handouts for you.

Lighting is complicated, just because a light source fits a socket doesn’t mean it’s the proper application of the technology. Misapplication of lighting technology is rampant, such as use of wrong lamp type which results in premature failure, or use of too many fixtures resulting in waste of funds and operating costs, use of the wrong fixtures resulting in glare or dim areas. When lighting controls are involved, the likelihood for costly errors only increases. Every lighting project design needs professional review prior to installation to ensure its success. I can spot errors and advise best practices prior to installation.

I do not sell products or represent manufacturers. My chief concern is for my clients’ lighting projects to be successful. I will assess your contractor proposals, and serve as an independent representative for owners, tenants, and property managers. I will thoroughly review lighting proposals you’ve received and help you determine what is best for your project.

Do you know if your facility is a candidate for a lighting upgrade? To determine this, you need to know exactly what is currently installed and how well or poorly all lighting is working. I perform comprehensive lighting audits, including taking light level readings. I will quantify whether spaces are under or over illuminated. Or, if you have a newly installed system, I will verify whether light levels received are delivering as predicted.

Are you wondering how to even approach a potential lighting project? Do you want to know what options are available? I will do a walk-through with you, or a more complete assessment, and describe various options, and help narrow down your choices.

Using measurements from your actual space, and plugging in data from your contractor’s proposal, I will create photometric design models to determine precisely how the selected fixtures and placements will produce the desired result.

For manufacturers: Are your LED lighting products and control systems listed on utility required qualified products lists (QPLs)? A listing on QPLs will qualify your products for rebates and program incentive funds, making your product more attractive to buyers. I have firsthand experience managing a QPL and working in the utility industry on the creation of standards. I will shepherd your products through the QPL process and work with design and engineering teams to ensure that new products are designed to perform within standards for qualifying for QPLs.

With my broad experience, I will help manufacturers develop a business strategy with intent to enter relighting segment, or lighting for the existing infrastructure.

For manufacturers: Is your company taking advantage of utility rebate and incentive programs? Let me help you leverage those utility investments, or subsidies, for your products.

Are you trying to decide between varying lighting project proposals? With your needs in mind, I will help you select the aspects that best match your budget and goals. Consider me your neutral expert evaluator.

Considering an advanced lighting control system for your building or facility? In theory, a system will maximize energy savings and ease of use for the occupants. In practice, these systems are very complicated and oftentimes go awry, such as components that don’t work together, or software apps that lock you in with recurring costs, or they are too complicated with multiple points of potential failure and requiring highly specialized maintenance skills. I am familiar with the systems and their strengths and weaknesses, and have evaluated actual installations. I will assist decision makers determine which system will be most effective and produce the best value.