Kurt has worked with Commercial, Industrial, Institutional (schools, libraries, colleges, government), and Trade Organizations, and Energy Service Companies.

Just because a bulb fits the socket doesn’t mean it’s a good ‘fit’.

I want you to be confident about your lighting choices.

There are many choices in lighting upgrades and improvements, and there are many people giving advice or selling products, unfortunately, many of whom are not qualified to be doing what they are doing. Moreover, since most are trying to sell their products or services, they only tell you what they think you want to hear, without thoroughly explaining all the options or clearly demonstrating the hows and whys, or the likely results of your new lighting system.

I want your finished lighting project to be a success.

Changing lighting is not easy and can be disruptive to an organization’s daily activity. Lighting systems are becoming more complicated with the emergence of connected and ‘smart’ lighting systems. Decisions about product selection, placement, optics, color, intensity, controllability, sensors, hardware, and other factors ideally should be made in concert and done right. You don’t want to create new unanticipated issues that are difficult or costly to correct.

I want everyone, you, your employees, tenants, contractors and trade allies to understand lighting science and technology.

Energy-efficiency has become a regulatory requirement in most states and cities, and many electrical utilities provide incentive programs designed to encourage adoption of energy-efficient lighting systems in existing buildings. These programs to benefit consumers vary by utility, as do the quality of products offered by manufacturers. End-users, installers, planners, and maintenance technicians need to know how the components of a lighting system work together, and which attributes to consider when making choices for particular applications.

Why hire me?

Because lighting matters. In addition to the obvious energy savings, recent scientific research has revealed that our bodies and our health are dependent on light. Science is beginning to reveal the importance of light on our sleep-wake cycles, our behavior, and many more aspects of daily life. I’ve absorbed the scientific research and know how to apply lighting systems to improve the well-being of people at home, at work, or in public spaces. Light color, placement, and intensity affect one’s energy, mood, health, comfort, productivity, and sense of safety. Lighting systems, fixtures, and controls make a difference in energy usage, maintenance expense, and operating costs.

I’m a teacher at heart, and I love to champion excellent choices in lighting and to talk about the science in seeking ways to improve our surroundings, our businesses, and our lives with light.

Two decades ago, a focus of my MBA studies was operations partly because I have always had an interest and passion for understanding how to improve and optimize systems. Earlier in college, I had studied architecture for a time because I love knowing how structures are built and how to develop elegant and efficient designs. Little did I know that those interests, along with my penchant (my family might say obsession) for the intense study of how things work, would bolster my current role of energy-efficient lighting advocate.

I am driven to constantly examine lighting, to evaluate everything about it, and to think of ways to make it better. And I am driven (again, my family might say obsessed) to espouse the benefits and downsides of certain lighting choices, and to speak about cutting-edge lighting science or technology.

For over a decade I’ve been an avid student of everything lighting. Along the way, I’ve helped many organizations large and small achieve their goals with lighting and lighting education. I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and types, including apartments, retail stores, banks, auto dealerships; large companies such as an airplane manufacturer and a coffee roaster; and institutions such as school districts, colleges & universities, museums, and military bases.

If you need an independent, unbiased, neutral evaluation of your lighting project, prior to and/or after installation, or a friendly guide to help you understand your lighting choices and the rebates available, or a subject-matter expert to develop education curriculum or training, or an enthusiastic speaker for your event, I can help you.

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MBA + NCQLP Certification = SMART ADVICE




  • Electrical utilities nationwide
  • Consulting firms
  • Utility contractors responsible for creating or managing conservation programs
  • Manufacturers of lighting and lighting control systems
  • Commercial companies
  • Industrial companies
  • Institutions (schools, libraries, colleges)
  • ESCOs – energy service companies
  • Contractors
  • Trade organizations



Parking lots
Security lighting
Public spaces
Sports / recreation fields and stadiums


Apartment/condo building
Parking garage


  • Serve as energy-efficient lighting subject matter expert
  • Represent tenant during evaluation of energy-efficiency lighting bids and proposals from contractors
  • Teach, educate, train regarding best practices of and application of energy-efficient lighting technology
  • Consult and evaluate the development or improvement of conservation programs in commercial lighting and lighting controls
  • Guide program and evaluate candidates for QPLs – qualified products lists
  • Develop standards for manufacturers, and new product specifying
  • Create technical content – articles, presentations, workshops
  • Train trade allies and consult with utilities regarding trade ally energy-efficiency programs


Working with a lighting contractor, Seattle City Light’s Lighting Design Lab, and other industry groups has given me the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing companies.

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